Committed to providing safe, caring, and cost-effective world-wide air transport

We will respond to your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Services

Our Flight Coordinators are available 24/7 - 365 Days a Year

Medical Flights 

Using our fleet of specialized Lear Jets, Premier Jets-Lifeguard Air Ambulance can move patients with speed and efficiency in a cost-effective manner throughout the world.

Cargo Flights

Premier Jets has over 30 years of experience transporting time-sensitive domestic and international cargo.

Charter Flights 

With over 200+ countries we fly into, your vacation or business needs are our greatest concern in ensuring your trip goes off without a hitch. 

Premier Jets-Lifeguard Air Ambulance provides fast WORLD-WIDE Air Medical Transport Service to SIX Continents and all of the Pacific Isles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


About Us

Premier Jets was founded in 1984 by R. B. Kelsay

Lifeguard Air Ambulance specializes in providing professional, safe, and cost-effective air medical transport world wide. We will respond to your needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced pilots and medical transport teams are certified in their fields and ready to fly whenever the need arises.

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 So awesome- best flight I’ve ever had! Please tell Chad. Everyone was professional, kind, and attentive. Under the circumstances, it was all outstanding.” 10/2017
“All medical crew were amazing. Very caring, attentive, good humor. Great interaction with the flight crew from Hawaii to Oregon. Medical crew helped remove doors at our house- that was awesome.” 05/2017
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